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Once again I have to hand it to Frank and his team at Enrique’s. The only word to accurately sum up the quality of work is: WOW! Once again, my rugs were saved. During Isaac, my apartment had a tremendous amount of water intrusion, which entered via the ceiling. Luckily for Allstate, that somehow gave them reason to deny my claim. But that is another story, that I’m sure was replicated throughout the city on numerous occasions. Getting back to the rugs, during the storm, I had quite a few dogs over, as friends stopped by with their pets. The amount of dog traffic was directly related to the amount of “soil” in the rugs. The water from the ceiling, which was a light brown in color, only added to the gumbo that needed to be cleaned/removed. One of the rugs was so damaged from all of the water and what not, that I thought it needed to be discarded. Not only was the rug completely cleaned and odor free, but Frank was also able to stop much of the color bleeding caused by the water intrusion. To describe plainly and simply: prepare to have your expectations exceeded…. And thanks again for saving and helping to preserve these family heirlooms, especially especially my Grandmother’s favorite, which was incredibly delicate to begin with. Job well done!