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Frank is literally a miracle worker.

We have a very light gray and expensive wool rug which had black furniture stain imbedded in the fibers along one side, where a bookcase sat upon it.
We discovered it when we moved. I tried to clean it with my own carpet cleaner, and it just made the stain spread. Then, a friend power washed the rug. Huge mistake! Not only did it not remove the stain, the slow drying time allowed mold and mildew to develop and stain it throughout. I thought the rug was a goner. Because of a strong recommendation, I tried one more thing… Frank at Enrique‘s Premium Rug Cleaning of New Orleans. Words cannot describe my reaction when I saw the rug they returned. I looked at it and simply said,
“That is a true miracle”.

Frank at Enrique’s literally saved my beautiful rug.

They will be back soon for another challenge regarding adhesive residue from traffic tape my marble floor installer left me.